July 28, 2008

Feng Shui tips

I have been fascinated with Feng Shui for a long time. Feng shui is understanding the flow of chi (vital energy). This energy symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us. The basic principles of feng shui are the yin and yang. Yin is feminine, cool, dark and lifeless. Yang is masculine, hot, bright and full of life. Therefore we have to create a harmonious balance between Yin and Yang forces. Whether you believe in the philosophical approach or not, feng shui is fun and sometimes a bit illogical. Here are some tips from Lilian Too's Little Book of Feng Shui:

Water Features Work Best In The North
Mini water fountains and small ponds in your garden bring exceptional money luck when located in the north or southeast corner.

Ratio of Windows
The ratio of windows to doors in all your rooms should not exceed 3:1. Too many windows cause all your luck to seep away. It is also better not to have windows on the wall opposite the door.

Use Mirrors to Enlarge Tight Corners
Large mirrors are excellent for enhancing the stale energy of a tight or cramped space. This is especially recommended for tiny halls or foyers. Place the mirror on a wall that does not face the door. Let the mirror create a feeling of space but do not let it reflect the door directly since this will cause all the good fortune to dissipate.

Keep a Pet
Pets are especially good feng shui in homes that are left empty during the day. If the family are out working or at school, yin energy accumulates in the silence and stillness. This can be countered by the lively presence of a dog or cat or fish.

Do Not Sit With Your Back to The Door
Never sit with your back to the door. You are more likely to be cheated and betrayed and to lose in any office politic. If you are presently sitting in such a way, rearrange your office and change your sitting position immediately.

Do Not Sit With Your Back to A Window or A Bookcase
If you sit with a window behind you, you will lack of support. In any crisis or difficulty you will be among the first to suffer. Place a solid cabinet behind you to symbolize the mountain. But do not place a bookshelf there since this signifies knives cutting into your back. Open bookshelves should be closed up since they create hostile energies in the office.

The Best Place to Sit In An Office
The ideal sitting orientation is diagonal to the door, facing it. Desks should not face the door directly since the incoming energy will be too powerful. It is a good idea to have a light directly above the door to create auspicious yang energy in the office.

Play Loud Music Once A Week
Clear your room with loud noise. In China the lunar New Year was celebrated loudly with drums, cymbals and firecrackers to wash out all energies and welcome in the new. You can do the same with loud, happy music. Play it for ten minutes-that's enough.


Belle said...

i do play loud music once a week on my day off while i am in the kitchen fixing meals.

but my house isn't designed the Feng Shui way because we designed it to take advantage of the view.

therry said...

I have my work desk on the far corner of my room so that my back's facing the door - this I know isn't a good position but I've rearranged so many times and this is the best position so far.

I can't place my desk on the opposite side because the AC spills water sometimes and I'm worried it might get into the computer LOL

Elyani said...

@Belle : you have such a beautiful house. As long as the house is clutter free, then you have applied the fengshui rules :)

Elyani said...

@Therry: if you must sit with your back to a door, place a small mirror to your desk so you can see who is coming and going.

therry said...

sekalian ngaca juga yah El ;) (narsis mode on)

Toni said...

Konon itu bukan superstitious, jadi memang ada banyak hal yang masuk di akal koq. Orang Sunda juga kan banyak pamali yang maksudnya supaya jangan dilakukan karena mengganggu harmoni.

Elyani said...

@Therry: iya sambil ngaca, ngupil juga boleh (ih jorok..hehehe)!

@Toni: bener, dibilang superstitious juga gak. Secara kalo dipraktekin betul2 ruangan kesan-nya jadi lebih lega dan enak dilihat. Yg repot kalau harus nurutin arah terbaik berdasarkan shio. Kadang hal2 begini gak memungkinkan.

DCK Lion Dance said...

Dear Elyani

Elyani, saya mau tanya, apakah barongsai yang dimainkan di rumah betul-betul dapat menarik rejeki masuk ke dalam rumah ?
apakah jenis permainan adat dari barongsai tersebut betul-betul memberikan hasil positip bagi tuan rumah pengundang tersebut.

Sebagai informasi, saya adalah marketing sukarela dari sebuah yayasan yang membantu dalam pemasaran barongsai.
Saya sudah mensurvey dengan cara menanyakan kepada pengundang barongsai, hasil yang didapat sesudah permainan barongsai, rata-rata mereka menjawab bagus.,


EJ said...

I love this Feng Shui post! May I just suggest to add the element of the wind and let in positive energy by hanging wind chimes or garden spinners in your home. They add color, music, and dynamic visual feature with a touch of whimsy.