July 10, 2008

Questions of the week

1. Have you ever taken your cell-phone in the shower with you, just in case someone calls you?

2. What did you want to be when you grew up, and are you what you wanted to be?

3. Who or what irritates you the most?

4. What's the most valuable things you've learnt?

5. If your house was burning, what would you save?


Lorraine said...

1. Never
2. A journalist à la Christiane Amanpour. My current occupation is what I wanted to be.
3. People nagging about one thing but don't take action to solve it. Cape deh!
4. An equal relationship where I can be myself but also be able to love my partner unconditionnally.
5. My daughter. Other belongings are replacable.

Anonymous said...

1. Nope. That's a bit pathetic, don't you think? LOL

2. I wanted to be Tintin, the reporter. That's what inspired me to be a journalist later when I grew up and I was lucky enough to get my dream job. Not bad.

3. Stupid and slow people. Sorry, but that's how it is. They make me want to scream sometimes LOL

4. That I would get what I want it if I work hard enough for it.

5. My budgies (birds). I can't live without them.

therry said...

1. Eh? Don't we get electrocuted or something if we do that?

2. I wanted to be a fashion designer lol. Well, I'm not one now, so no, I guess. But my dreams change every year so that's ok :D

3. Right now? The nasty cat in my blog.

4. Believing in your ideas and dreams is the first step towards making them come true.

5. My dog, my beau. My laptop, my Intuos, and the notebook and other memorabilia I share with my beau. Do you think it's possible to grab those things within a minute before the fir eats me up? LOL

T Sima Gunawan said...

1. call me pathetic, but yes, i often take it with me.
2. frankly speaking, when i was a kid, i didn'tknow what to do. (okay.. now you can call me pathetic again)
3. unexpected severe traffic jam
4. life is not always fair but it is still good
5. all :)

akokow said...

1. i'd rather not take a shower.

2. A writer. Now i write blogger.

3. I don't know..i tolerate mostly everything, maybe irresponsible parenting..

4. When you want something, the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it.

5. My life, which is my wife.

rimafauzi said...

1. yes, I often take it to the bathroom with me. lol
2. a successful singer. now i am a singer but not successful at all. sigh.
3. people who are sweet in front of you but will do anything to make you look bad behind you - hypocrites. i have a co worker like that, drive me nuts.
4. i dont need anybody's approval but my own, which is the first step to my personal happiness.
5. my husband and important documents.

Toni said...

1. Sometimes, just in case my pathetic boss call me.
2. Nobel laureate in Medicine, finding a wonder drug to cure cancer and viruses.
3. Stupid radicalism
4. Compassion and non violence from every chapter of history books.
5. Anyone and anything I can save

Belle said...

1. nope! cell phones are moisture sensitive so it is a big no no.

2. i guess i am satisfied of what i ended up- a simple and less-stressful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. insensitive people.

4. remaining humble and showing an act of kindness to less fortunates.

5. the irreplaceable ones.