July 24, 2008

Questions of the week

1. How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning?

2. If you had an elementary school reunion, how would your classmates remember you?

3. When having an argument with your significant other, do you raise your voice? Have you ever given him or her the silent treatment?

4. If you received mail at your home addressed to The Sexiest Person in the Neighborhood, would you open it or assume it is for your neighbor?

5. Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or romantically hopeless?

6. Are you an only child, first born, middle, or youngest in your family? Do you believe in the idea that birth order plays a large determination in personality?

7. What lesson did you learn as a child that still hold true?


Anonymous said...

1. At least half an hour. Getting up is the most horrible thing after ironing the laundry LOL

2. That geeky, nerdy girl. I wasn't popular and never would be LOL

3. Oh yes, I raised my voice, yelled at him and after I got tired yelling (it's exhausting to get angry in English! LOL) I gave him the silent treatment and would not give in not until he "bribed" me with something LOL (like chocolate or my favourite food)

4. It would definitely be for my neighbour (although she's almost 90 years old!)

5. Romantically hopeless!

6. Youngest child. I used to believe in those birth order determine character kind of stuff until I met my boyfriend, who is a first child but a lot more immature than I am!

7. When there's a will, there's a way!

Judith said...

Fotone anak anak lucu, hi hi!

Ketauan aku ki lol ya El, nggak bisa jawab pertanyaane ...

Eniweh, aku suka ama postinganmu, itung2 buat belajar. Makasih El ..

Brett said...

Cool questions:

1. 12 seconds. It's either get up or fall asleep again for me...

2. I'm not sure that they would (it was 3,000 years ago), but then again I met my first primary school teacher again last year and she remembered me as the kid who used to draw pictures of angels. Wierd kid!

3. Definitely! Silent treatment: nah... I couldn't shut up long enough!

4. I would open it even if it was ADDRESSED to my neighbour!

5. Just hopeless. But more on the side of hopeless romantic.

6. First born of two. Yes. I am sure all the World's despots were first born...

7. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Ivy said...

1. The moment my alarm goes off, i will wake up instantly. Unless of course, I'm really, really lacking of sleep, then I will probably sleep for another 10-15 mins lol

2. Hmm...most of my elementary friends think I've changed a lot from the last time they saw me. I'm not really proud of my looks before you know hehehe not that i'm proud of it now but it's a little better than before ^^

3. Depends...when I'm wrong, normally I just keep quiet. But if I know I am right, I also keep quiet to avoid quarreling but if he keeps pushing my button, I'll definitely raise my voice.

4. Open it! Can't be for my neighbour...they are too old to be called sexy hahaha

3. i'm in between. It's nice seeing people so in love but at the same time I don't believe in things like love at first sight

4. I'm somewhat in the middle. 2 older brothers and 1 younger one. Yes.

5. Always think positive!

Ecky said...

I will answer this in my blog, check out my answer there :)

Lorraine said...

1. In the fall/winter 30 min, in the spring/summer 10 min.
2. Yes
3. No, I will have my Zen moment & explain my argument calmly which has much more effects
4. No, it is perhaps for my neighbor
5. neither of both
6. second. It depends how the family treats the children.
7. If you want something, go for it 200%

toni Wahid said...

1. In Bandung, more than an hour, Jakarta less than 5 minutes
2. The cutest maybe, hi hi hi
3. Nope, will never, never, do that
4. O course I will do so, yes they are old nerd
5. Romantically giggling :) gak nyambung ya ?
6. The oldest, maybe.
7. If you can't get it, get another one :)

Elyani said...

1. A few seconds. My cat always wakes me up before the alarm goes off.

2. The pencil stick girl. I was very skinny back then.

3. I gave a silent treatment only when I was really really mad. But it's hard to make me mad :)

4. I would open it out of curiosity, LOL!

5. Not hopeless, neither romantic:)

6. Middle child. No I don't buy it.

7. Love only won't serve foods on the table. You got to work!