July 23, 2008

PSR Syndrome

Does this scenario sound familiar? You spot a bargain and have to snap it up. But by the time you've got it home, you realise that you don't really need it and, sure enough, it is consigned to a wardrobe or a cupboard, never to be worn or used. You, meanwhile, are consumed with feelings of guilt. This ..."I liked it, so I bought it. Then why do I feel so guilty?"...have a name for it: Post Shopping Regret (PSR).

Research reveals that women buy on average 71 items of clothing a year, but around eight are never worn. The problem is that it's so easy to get bundled into the buy, particularly when it boasts a 50% discount sticker or a two-for-one offer. For many women, it is not the item itself that matter, but it's the sense of achievement, the thrill of the chase the clothes, handbags or, shoes for as little money as possible. So, are you a compulsive buyer? Do you ever buy things and regret it the next morning?


Anonymous said...

Ada dua atau tiga kali mungkin begini, kalo harganya masih nggak terlalu mahal sih biasanya aku simpan, tapi kalo harganya mahal dan aku nyesel berat biasanya aku balikin. Biasanya rata-rata toko disini menerima kembalian barang sebelum batas 14 hari, jadi kalo mau iseng cari baju untuk pesta bisa dibeli, dipake lalu dikembalikan lagi setelahnya :D tapi harus hati2 supaya gak kotor/bau

Ivy said...

hahaha that's me... people eat when they are depressed or angry... for me it's shopping. Bad habit that I'd liked to throw out =.=

koko said...

istri gue kadang-kadang mengalami ini, sementara gue mengalami TWS (Thinner Wallet Syndrome)

Elyani said...

@the writer: disini HP beli baru, seminggu kemudian rusak aja gak dikasih ganti yg baru...apalagi barang sehari-hari seperti pakaian? *hiks*

@Ivy: well, I can't blame you. Shopping is women's national sport :)

@Koko: dompet makin tipis pertanda sayang isteri lho!

rimafauzi said...

Deja Vu!!!

I do this all the time, yet I keep on doing it.

I think even a dog is smarter than me sometimes.

Toni Wahid said...

Gak pernah nyesel El, impulsive buyer sih. :)

Elyani said...

@Rima : ditto, I think it is a shopping karma :)

@Toni: percaya banget, soalnya tempat shoppingnya aja udah ketahuan..kayak Oktagon, JPC Kemang :)