January 23, 2008

Four eyes

A couple of days ago, I bought a new eyeglasses at the optical shop inside the mall. My decision to buy there was on two factors : they had a pair of frames I really liked, and they had a 50% off for the frames. Fortunately in Jakarta you do not need to go to the Optometrist (the eye doctor) to get prescription glasses. Optical store offering "FREE EYE-TEST" with a sit-down machines that do computerized eye-tests, then you get a computer readout of your prescription. They later will conduct another test (no flicking back and forth of lenses), ask you to read the small lines, color comparing. After that they will do the head measurement and you can come back the next day to collect your glasses. Some places even provide a 30 minutes service! I still had the exact same prescription of -3.50 (left) and -3.25 (right).

I wear glasses every day and consider them an integral part of my identity. My glasses are probably the only accessory I have other than maybe my watch. I wish I can wear contacts like other people, but my eyes are sensitive and it could cause an irritation if I tried to wear them continuously.

I am aware choosing the right eyeglass frames will make or break the image you are after. There is a huge selection of different materials to choose from but my choices are limited. First off, I have a small face and a rather broad nose. I only wear glasses made from plastic with light-weight frame, and no nose pad because I tend to develop a head ache if the glasses feel so heavy on my nose. I know the new frame was a bit too big for my face but they are incredibly light and suit me well.

*eyeglasses image grabbed from Visionglasses


Fun said...

wuah mba..aku dulu pake kacamata loh.. tapi setelah kerja makin lama makin berat karena aku seharian pake, makanya sekarang ganti ke softlens.. dulu ribet banget cari frame yang cocok buat di muka.. hehe :) fotoin donk mba lage pake kacamata..pengen liat :)

Elyani said...

@Fun...nih fotonya, malu euy...abis ga suka photo2 siy :) maklum ga camera-face...ga kaya Suneo...hehehe!

momoftwo said...

Eyeglasses or not you look pretty g/f! Most of your photos that I have seen are with your glasses on. This one looks good on you :)

Anna Rochanti Madden said...

I like ik a lok! You look cute with the new glasses.