January 6, 2008

Lazy day

I haven't felt like blogging the last few days, and I have no excuses for that : no overwhelming work, no PMS, no bad internet connection. I'm just plain lazy! I just don't know how you dedicated bloggers can keep it up so regularly.

It was cold last night, and as usual my cat, Suneo, curled up on my bed near my feet. When he was a bit smaller, Suneo likes to sleep in numerous places. Floor, table, counter, bicycle basket, shoe box, bed, on keyboard or sometimes over computer, practically everywhere he likes! But nowadays my bed is his favorite comfort zone. At times he sprawls in the middle of the bed leaving me with little space to move. Just so you know, if you sleep with cats ... you are a guest in their bed!!! Suneo is also unhappy if I turn on my other side and accidentally touches his body with my feet. He would instantly grab and give my feet a bite...hehehe! If I scold him for being a bad cat, he will just lay there looking completely innocent in the way that only cats can master...argghhh!!! As a dog lover, I cannot believe I can tolerate cat selfishness...LOL!


Fun said...

wuah mba kalo aku sich cerita apa aja biar dah garing atau basi kek.. yang penting update hahaha ^^ jadi makanya blogku isinya campur sari tak bermutu hehehehe ^^
waduh mba.. aku malah paling takut digigit kucing.. hehe ^^

eka said...

hhiihih ... suneo .... centil banget ya!!! banci kamera banget sihhhh !! sni dicabut kumisnya atu !!


Ecky said...

I can't be lazy coz I've committed to Blog 365, which means I have to blog everyday the whole year.. oh dear.. what was I thinking :))

But anyway, I'll try to do my best :)