January 18, 2008

Seven things meme

Apparently I’ve been tagged by Ecky. The gist of it is to name
. Here goes :

1. Kindness, tolerance and good manners:
The world today is way different then it was when I was a kid. People have become so self-absorbed, esp. in the big cities, that consideration of someone else is almost non-existent. A prime example is it takes a lot of guts to cross the street in Jakarta without being hit by the crazy cars, motorcycles, buses and huge lorries---esp. in places where there's no cross walk sign for pedestrians---all whip around at the speed that can kill you instantly. I even often have a hard time crossing the road in front of the mall in my area, and prefer to wait for other people to jump out first without risking me getting run down by the selfish drivers.

2. Stay healthy :
I have a long term goal to eat healthy and work on an endo diet because it helps to slowly reversing the regular pelvic pain that I have had. I’m finally educated enough to do it the right way even though I often break the rule once in a while. My health is my most treasured possession.

3. Handicrafts & arts :
Indonesia is an absolute paradise for ethnic handicrafts and I am a craft addict.

4. Internet :
We are now in the age of Cyber Technology. I know it does sound like the anti-social way of living ... but it has become such an inevitable part in my life that I really cannot think of living without it.

5. Kitchen :
I enjoy baking because it relaxes me, and home treats are healthier.

6. Simple things :
Life is nothing more than all the little daily things put together. My nieces/nephew contagious laugh, my pets unconditional love (it has been almost a year since my dog, Fatso, died...but I still miss him a lot. Fatso is the reason I've never had another dog and keep Suneo the cat instead), a surprise call from a friend, a sincere smile from a stranger. etc.

7. Recycling :
I recycle as much as I can by donating old clothes, mags, books etc to charity or people in need around me.


Judith said...

Semut semut kecil, aku mau tanya apakah kamu didalam tanah tidak kegelapan, jawab si semut aku nggak takut gelap cuma takut cacing! Haha, El, foto yang sangat bagus ampe kaki2 imutnya si semut tampak bener yak ...

Elyani said...

@Judith : Thanks Dith, ini motretnya di Ciater sambil nungguin kakak-ku dan anaknya berendam di air panas. Karena lagi flu jadi ga ikutan kungkum...hihihi!