January 19, 2008

Simple lunch

This may not look like much, but this spicy Green Beans is delicious! With additions like garlic, some chili paste, and small dried shrimp, these beans are really flavorful.

On the other side I made Fried Tempeh seasoned with diced red hot chili. Even though both meals look very simple, I was nevertheless happy because they are rich in fiber, and very tasty, which is definitely a plus for a weekend lunch. Serve with steamed rice.


Fun said...

mba..kalo aku ke jkt dimasakin yak... aku jadi ngiler terus kalo maen ke sini hehehehe :) *ngarep*

Elyani said...

@Fun, boleh...kapan mau main ke Jkt? :)

Fun said...

wuah nanti bakal dikabari kalo ke jkt yak.. nih bisa ketemu mba eka donk?