January 18, 2008

Pardon my absence

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last few days, I've been busy with works. I also have problem with late shipment from the forwarding agent and I still don't know exactly what's caused this. Everyday I receive the same excuses and was promised this week the goods will be here, but I have a feeling they won't be able to keep their promise. I have decided to stop using their service and will make them suffer by delaying the payment when they finally deliver the goods to me. Talk about revenge huh!

Ecky & Anna, thanks for the tags...I'll post soon!


eka said...

Pasti dah fasih dan familiar banget ma ETA, ETD, connecting vessel .. bla .. bla.. bla.. he2 ...

Keep posted mb !!


Elyani said...

@Eka...ini shipment masuk, bukan export, Ka! Lagian mbak pakainya jasa door-to-door bukan port to port. Jadi kalau ada keterlambatan kadang kita ga tau nyangkutnya dimana.