January 9, 2008

A trip to strawberry farm

When it comes to all time favorite fruits, strawberries are on top of my list. I can finish a full bowl of strawberries at one sitting and not feeling guilty about it...hehehe! On my recent trip to Lembang with my sister and her family, we went to a pick-your-own strawberries local farm where you can go and pick fresh strawberry right off the bush. All you have to do is just pick what you need and pay by the scale. Usually, the strawberries are ready for picking, but, when we were there it has been raining for like a week straight so there are fewer berries to pick. But despite the rain we had an enjoyable time walking through the strawberry rows. On our way back we stopped by at Strawberry Sweethearts to buy a box of strawberry yoghurts.


eka said...

Nice trip pasti yang ke Lembang lalu ya mb ... jadi pengen .. hihi ..


Ecky said...

Strawberry is my fave fruit too! Do you mind email me about the detail of that place?

I want to go there!

Thanks Elyani

elyani said...

@Ecky : alamatnya sudah aku email pagi ini. Silahkan di-check ya! :)

Belle said...

wow, i love to eat freshly picked strawberries. huge strawberry farm, you got there!